$10k beginning pay? Netizens categorical disbelief at NUS undergrads’ wage expectations


How lots are latest graduates in Singapore anticipating their beginning salaries to be?

Between $5,000 and $10,000, it seems.

This was the outcomes of an informal survey carried out by Hong Kong-based YouTuber Torres Pit, who took to the National University of Singapore campus with the query all through his journey proper right here simply these days.

Pit, who’s based in Hong Kong, well-known that NUS is listed as a result of the “best university in Asia”.

The video, revealed 10 days up to now, featured Pit asking faculty college students about their anticipated beginning salaries.

The clip rapidly went viral, with many suggestions debating if undergraduates’ anticipated salaries of between $5,000 to $10,000 had been attainable.

When interviewed by Pit, one first-year Business Administration scholar majoring in finance and economics well-known that “there’s a difference between ‘expect’ and ‘hope’”.

She then shared how she thinks she’d have the flexibility to earn $10,000 a month in her first job.

Another Bachelor of Arts undergraduate pursuing a degree in Philosophy shared: “I know some of my friends have an expected salary of $9,000 a month.” She moreover indicated that she intends to pursue a career in academia upon graduation. 

Two Computer Science faculty college students interviewed stated how based on a 2022 report, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) computing and enterprise double-degree faculty college students had been the very best earners.

“I think last we saw was $5,000 to $6,000,” thought-about considered one of them shared. 

Indeed, based on the 2022 Graduate Employment Survey carried out by the Ministry of Education, the standard latest graduate with a double diploma in Business and Computer Engineering/Computing was the very best earner, getting $6,300 a month.

NUS Computer Science latest grads bought right here in second inside the score with $5,800 a month.


One mechanical engineering Masters’ scholar interviewed, alternatively, shared how he expects his annual wage to be 300,000 yuan (S$58,598) a yr, which works out to be close to $5,000 a month.

He, nonetheless, indicated that the anticipated wage is in Chinese yuan, as he intends to maneuver once more to China after ending his diploma.

Over inside the suggestions and on dialogue dialogue board Hardware Zone, many expressed shock on the responses, with most of the debate centred on the undergrad who shared about her $10,000 wage expectation.

“What! All these interviewees have unrealistic expectations of their salary, $10k!!!” wrote one.

A few commiserated over how events have modified since they graduated.


Netizens had been moreover sceptical in regards to the extreme $10,000 beginning wage for any person merely embarking on his or her career.


Not all had been pessimistic, nonetheless, with one sharing: “It is possible, especially in investment banking. Of course, it is not that easy.”

Others shared that it would depend upon the undergraduates’ Grade Point Average (GPA).


One netizen well-known how the video struck a chord, as he too, had anticipated a extreme wage after graduating.

“[The] reality is $10k is impossible la. Who would hire a fresh grad for $10k with no prior experience.”

In distinction, one commenter indicated that the scholar pursuing his Master’s was possibly underestimating his ‘market worth’.

“A Master of Mechanical Engineering [sic] graduate only expects his annual salary to be around USD$44k (S$58,000) in mainland China?! Dang!”

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