Is Netflix’s I Hate Christmas Based on a True Story?


Netflix’s ‘I Hate Christmas’ is an Italianromantic comedy sequence set all through Christmastime that follows Gianna, a single nurse who faces family stress to find a companion and get married. To steer clear of their nagging, she lies about having a boyfriend and agrees to introduce him to them on the Christmas dinner. However, with decrease than a month left for the holidays, Gianna models out to find a applicable boy to ship home. But when all her dates find yourself disappointing, she worries about discovering love and coping with her family.

Featuring heartwarming performances by actors like Pilar Fogliati, Andrea Di Stefano, Alessio Praticò, and Gabriele Falsetta, the current exudes Christmas cheer with its setting and visuals. Furthermore, the protagonist’s flawed nature, her beliefs of affection, and her quest to hunt the appropriate companion give many inside the viewers one factor to relate to. Naturally, this makes one ponder whether or not ‘I Hate Christmas’ has any reference to actuality. If you need to know the an identical, proper right here’s what we’re capable of inform you!

Is I Hate Christmas a True Story?

No, ‘I Hate Christmas’ is simply not based on a actual story. It is the Italian remake of Netflix’s first Norweigan sequence, ‘Home for Christmas,’ helmed by Per-Olav Sørensen. The guardian current’s thought was derived from an idea by selling school college students Amir Shaheen and Kristian Andersen, who pitched it to a manufacturing agency often known as The Oslo Company as a a part of their school problem. Based on a quick given to them at a pupil meetup, the duo initially devised an idea for a Nordic TV Christmas calendar for the broadcasting firm NRK.

Surprisingly, The Olso Company appreciated Amir and Kristian’s pitch and employed them as interns; Netflix finally picked up the thought for the Norweigan current. In a December 2019 interview, Amir shared their concepts on the thought and talked about, “I think what Oslo Company really liked about the idea was that we had tackled something that people might not talk about that much. That pressure if you’re a girl approaching 30, you have to get a job, have kids, be married, so we took that pressure, as a boy can feel, and put it in a funny context.”

“I remember we sat in the classroom and worked on this after school. We agreed that it was a girl because it gave the series more heart. We thought about a boy, but we felt it would be too frivolous,” Amir added about choosing a female protagonist for his or her story. He and Kristian extra divulged how they didn’t watch any Christmas movies nevertheless took inspiration from Norweigan comedy TV reveals to provide the thought on the ultimate minute.

Kristian stated, “We wanted to reach out to a fairly broad target group in order to reach as many people as possible. We want to create situations that people can identify with, which can often be petty and exaggerated, but which are also serious with humor in them. So we thought, ‘Skam,’ ‘Side om Side,’ ‘Helt Perfekt,’ ‘White boys »,’ why are they all doing so well? Yes, it is because of that atmosphere.” ‘I Hate Christmas’ brings its distinct style to the desk no matter primarily sticking to the guardian current’s narrative.

Both reveals present a smart picture of current love, whereby people often succumb to see stress and family expectations and settle for a lot much less. Moreover, it busts the parable of an excellent lover and explores how healthful relationships are constructed on respect and customary flooring. Not merely that, it explores how self-love and acceptance are keys trait to develop in grownup life, because the dearth of them can often lead to impulsive decisions and disappointments. Hence, though ‘I Hate Christmas’ is fictional, it authentically portrays modern courting by way of its common tempo and lovable characters.

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