TikTok person Andrew Dawson disappears after recognizing ‘giant person’ on mountain


People on TikTok have merely discovered a person generally known as Andrew Dawson whose eerie motion pictures are creeping everyone out.

He goes by the title @andykapt and went viral in April 2022 when he claimed to have seen one factor uncommon inside the mountains.

Now, conspiracies are flooding TikTok as he has stopped posting on the app and many are questioning what occurred to him…

Banff National Park at sunset in winter,Canada.

TikTok person spots ‘giant person’ in mountains

On April 10, Andrew posted a video throughout which he claimed to have seen a ‘giant’ on excessive of a snowy mountain in Canada.

In the clip, he’s driving alongside and zooms into what does seem like a bit like a big particular person, nonetheless it truly is perhaps one thing as he’s so distant.

“It’s a person dude,” it’s possible you’ll hear him saying inside the background. “No seriously, pull over. It’s a person standing there.”

Watch the video beneath:

The clip blew up and Andrew said he was going to get nearer and uncover the next angle sooner than asking people to help him get a helicopter.

“Maybe blow the videos up and maybe I can get sponsored. A helicopter company can sponsor me to get up there,” he added in a single different clip.

After the distinctive video purchased just about 4 million views, he continued documenting himself attempting to film the weird ‘person’ over the approaching days. However, the ‘creature’ wasn’t there anymore.

Things then purchased a bit uncommon as Andrew claimed he was stopped by a CIA agent twice who said he was “trespassing” and blocked the road.

In one different clip, he seen a bizarre light inside the sky which he thought was a UFO:


Did the issue on the mountain go dwelling?

♬ The X Files Theme – John Beal

Then, he claimed they’ve been doing a “heli extraction” and eradicating one factor from the mountain:

What occurred subsequent?

On May 7, Andrew shared an official update after not posting shortly which he said: “I’m not dead, I have not disappeared. I have just been busy with life.”

“Sorry to disappoint everyone but all the videos that I posted were scripted. They were just fake, they were just strictly for entertainment,” he continued.

However, he then contradicted himself inside the following video and said the films weren’t fake sooner than eerily saying “you might not see me ever again”.

Now, conspiracies are flooding TikTok that say the person died on July 1 – nonetheless there isn’t any proof of this the least bit.

His remaining video on May 18 was of an odd wooden setting up on excessive of a mountain which he captioned “military” – and he hasn’t posted on TikTok since.

TikTok person Andrew Dawson disappears after recognizing ‘giant person’ on mountain.For More Article Visit Sellyig

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