Who gained Jeopardy! tonight? February 2, 2023, Thursday


Season 39 of Danger! gotten once more with one different episode on Thursday, February 2, 2023, along with three avid gamers.

One of the opponents was one-day champion Patti Palmer, who obtained once more to guard her success for the next time. With a one-day ranking of $32,200, the book retailer and resigned instructor from Tulsa, Oklahoma, carried out in opposition to 2 new avid gamers — Matthew Marcus, a product engineer from Portland, Oregon, and Anita Perala, an merchandise the executives skilled from Jersey City, New Jersey.


Making sense of the configuration of the game current, the authority rundown peruses:

“A returning boss and two challengers test their signal abilities and their insight in many scholar and well known classifications.” The partnered longest-running television program airs from Monday by the use of Friday.

Returning boss Patti Palmer dominated her most memorable match throughout the February 1 episode throughout the wake of overcoming three-day champion Jake DeArruda. In the most recent episode, she neglected to play uncommonly correctly as she positioned third in all rounds.

The classifications for the principal spherical of the February 2 episode included “Dwight Eisenhower, Craftsmanship Pourri, Seven Paradise, “B”+3, Toucan, Play That Game.”

Despite the reality that Patti was the returning boss and was presupposed to flourish in her sport, she couldn’t beat the model new avid gamers. With six correct and one mistaken reply, the Oklahoma book retailer arrived in third spot with a ranking of $2,200.

The prime scorer within the main spherical was Matthew Marcus, who lived it up exactly addressing 13 inquiries on this portion. In spite of two incorrect reactions, he beat the scoreboard, banking $6,600. New Jersey’s Anita Perala wound up in runner up throughout the wake of monitoring down the primary Day to day Twofold and exactly addressing seven inquiries. She scored $4,000 inside the principle spherical.

In the second spherical of the Ken Jennings-facilitated episode, the teachings had been “Big Waterway, The Book’s Supporting Characters, Nobel-Winning Researchers, Word and Expression Beginnings, Popular Music, Drawing near To The End.”

Patti tried to work on her scores throughout the wake of profitable the Day to day Twofold throughout the subsequent spherical, nonetheless she couldn’t outperform Matthew and Anita. The returning hero positioned third and banked $9,400. Anita, then as soon as extra, proceeded to exactly reply to her endeavored questions and didn’t present a solitary incorrect response. Her ranking going into the ultimate spherical was $10,800.

The clincher of the Twofold Risk was Matthew, who bent over $8,000 by profitable an Everyday Twofold and furthermore equipped the biggest number of correct responses on this spherical, banking $32,200.

In the Last Risk spherical, every certainly one of many three avid gamers equipped the exact response. Anita and Patti weren’t a protracted strategies behind one another as their ranking distinction was $401. While Patti wound up in third spot, Anita positioned second. The prime scorer was Matthew, who wrapped up his most memorable sport with a ranking of better than $40,000.

Subsequently, Matthew Marcus gained Danger! as we converse. The remaining inquiry of the February 2 episode was under the classification, “Folklore.” The piece of data for the ultimate spherical study:

“Poseidon carted away the lady Theophane and transformed her into an ewe; their posterity was the wellspring of this legendary item.”
The correct response to the ultimate inquiry/piece of data was Brilliant Downy.

Each of the three avid gamers conveyed the exact response to the ultimate inquiry. Investigate the end-product of the February 2 episode:

Matthew Marcus: $32,200 + $10,000 = $42,200 (What is the wise downy) (1-day all out: $42,200)

Anita Perala: $10,800 + $8,001 = $18,801 (What is the wise wool?)

Patti Palmer: $9,400 + $9,000 = $18,400 (What is the wise downy?)

With the present success, Matthew become the one-day champion with a complete ranking of $42,200. While his most memorable sport presentation was estimable, the truth will come out eventually whether or not or not he’ll actually want to play like Season 39 bosses Cris Pannullo and Beam Lalonde.

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